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WONDERLINE - THE ONE STENCIL you need for make-up wonders !

A thickness of 0.2mm to create the most perfect shapes ever.
An effective, new generation and skin friendly adhesive that leaves the skin clean and neat,
Thanks to the technology we developed, your Wonderline can be washed and is reusable many times !

Reveal yourself beautifully with your Wonderlines !

Maquillage recommandé

- 1. Base (ideally the P.Louise base) + 2. Eyeshadows
- Creamy Eyeshadows

1. Make sure the stencils are placed symmetrically.

2. Without too much creamy make-up, gently tap and stretch it into the shape from the outter to the inner parts and Take the stencil off once it has dried.

We advise you to use a setting spray before putting a stencil on an area which is already wearing any kind of make-up.

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